Valuation Report

An item of jewellery can have several values applied to it depending on the reason you are requiring the valuation. There are of course others but no matter what the intended use of one of our valuations, all will contain the following:

Jewellery Valuation report Jewellery Valuation report

All relevant details are recorded such as:

  • Item appraisal - Full and detailed descriptions
  • Detailed digital photos
  • Glossary of terms
  • Bound in a smart folder
  • Inspection and condition report page to confirm when maintenance has been performed
  • Repairs Notice - Advice regarding the safety of stones, worn claws and the like
  • Monetary value of your jewellery in line with the valuation purpose and appropriate market

Take a look at our Sample Valuation Report, but please remember that each appraisal is different and the wording and layout will change depending on the items and purpose/function of the jewellery valuation.

Valuation Fees

We believe in transparency and fairness when charging for valuations, giving you high quality documentation at a fair and reasonable cost. Our prices are straight forward and simple as our charging structure is based on a fixed fee per item, so that you will know exactly how much the valuation fee will be prior to your appointment. Valuations charges are not based on the value of your item and there is no charge for an initial item assessment to identify which of your items require valuation.

  • £60.00 for the first item (includes consultation and document set-up)
  • £40.00 for each gem-set item/premium watch
  • £25 for each plain item/watch
  • Premium items* are charged at a higher rate

*Premium Items: These are complex items of items that require extensive additional research, e.g. very high value jewellery, items containing many different species of gemstones and jewels with researchable provenance. The fee will be quoted in advance so that you will always know what the cost for your valuation will be. There are no hidden charges. The vast majority of items fall outside this definition.

Home Visit Jewellery Valuer

Home Visits

Home visits are charged on a half day or full day basis with reasonable travelling costs added. Where you have a quantity of jewellery, watches and other items a home visit is usually a very cost effective way to have all your items appraised in the safety and comfort of your own home.

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Call or email Gordon for further details.

Trade Services

A full trade service is offered for the retail and associated jewellery trade. Please contact Gordon directly for full details and to request a sample valuation and price list.

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